Horsham College, in partnership with families and the wider community, provides a curriculum that is both dynamic and responsive to the diverse needs of our students while acknowledging and implementing Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) initiatives.

The structure of the curriculum has been organised to meet students’ intellectual, vocational and cultural needs. Students move through adolescence in the Middle Years campus and, as young adults complete their learning in the Senior Years area.

The underlying principles that guide our curriculum structure are informed by three main questions:

  1. Who are our students?
  2. What is important for them to learn so they can reach their full potential?
  3. What capabilities do they need to have in order to learn how to learn?

We Value:

  1. A culture of excellence and striving to achieve a personal best.
  2. Curriculum programs which cater to a range of learning styles and which are inclusive of explicit literacy, numeracy, thinking and social skills.
  3. Development of personal qualities such as integrity, resilience, respect for oneself and others.

By personalising learning and building skills and abilities, we respond to the unique needs of every individual student. Some examples include:

  • Literacy / Numeracy learning support in Year 7
  • The Challenge Program at Year 9, with its community focus
  • VCE, VET, VCAL and School Based Apprenticeships at the Senior School level

We discover and encourage the talents of each student by Differentiating Education and fostering their personal growth through:

  • An Extension and Acceleration program in Years 7, 8 and 9.
  • A Year 10 elective program, including the right to enrol in VCE studies.
  • A number of re-engagement programs delivered off main campus known as ConnectEd, McKenzie Creek and Satellite VCAL.

We extend the capacities of teachers to deliver innovative learning by:

  • Coaching and mentoring program for teachers.
  • Professional Learning Teams operating across the College.
  • Targeted Professional Development, based on current research into learning and informed by locally produced data on teacher needs.
  • Use of College and System data.
  • We value and support every school community member’s personal best in formal and informal forums such as Year Level, and Whole School Assemblies and formal End of Year Presentation Ceremonies.

The College provides a sequential curriculum in years 7 – 10. The key learning areas are:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities
  • The Arts
  • LOTE
  • Health and PE
  • Technology

At Years 11 and 12 the College provides a broad curriculum with many subjects on offer within the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) including Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs.

The development of the Wimmera Trade Training Centre and the growth of the Wimmera Virtual Schools Network will offer expanded opportunities at Horsham College in the near future.

Students in Year 7 build on their knowledge gained during their years in various Primary Schools.  The curriculum is based on the Australian Curriculum for English Mathematics, Science and History and Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) in all other key learning areas. As other studies are approved, the college will implement these areas of the National Curriculum. Each student may choose to study Chinese or German in Languages and will study Music, Art, Home Economics and Wood from the Arts and Technology area.

Students in Year 8 continue to study from all key learning areas but Music is now offered as an elective. Each student will study Drama and Graphics from the Arts and Integrated Systems and Textiles from Technology.

In Year 9 students enter the Challenge Programme with its emphasis on Relationships and Community. Students continue to study English, Humanities, Maths,  Science, Health and PE with an emphasis on integrating their studiers. All other studies are offered as a semester elective. Each student will choose 4 elective studies , 2 each semester.  Students make their selection from the Year 9 Handbook which is updated each year.

In Year 10, English and Maths are studied for the whole year and Science and History are compulsory for one Semester. A new unit Learning for Life is also studies by everyone for a Semester. This unit includes Work Experience. Students are also able to opt to study some VCE units in Year 10.

Each year the College offers students a wide range of studies in VCE, VET and VCA and School Based Apprenticeships.  Students, parents and staff work together to ensure each student has access to the best course possible for their individual pathway.