Horsham College at all times respectfully acknowledges the five Traditional owner groups; the Wotjobaluk, Wergaia, Jupagulk, Jaadwa and Jadawadjali people. It also recognises the important role that all indigenous people hold in our community.

Nola Illin is the Koorie Engagement Support Officer. Her role is to work with the Student Learning Support Team in providing support for Koorie students, their families and teachers.  This is done through:

  • Providing information and advice regarding resources and strategies that can support teachers in their work relating to Koorie culture and education
  • Support schools in understanding the Wannik Education Strategy, implications and ways to implement
  • Work in partnership with Horsham College to better engage with Koorie students, parents and the community to create educational opportunities that respect, recognise and celebrate cultural identity

Examples of the way in which Nola can support schools, their Koorie students and /or families have included:

  • Koorie Engagement Scholarships
  • Assisted staff to engage with families in regards to various issues including attendance and Koorie Education Learning Plans (KELP)
  • Deadly Ute Project
  • Koorie Radio Program participation
  • Working collaboratively with the Horsham Indigenous Parent & Community Engagement Worker (HI-PACE project)
  • Working with Koorie Students and staff to improve the environment of the Koorie Unit / Cultural Centre

Nola can be contacted at the Horsham DEECD Sub-Regional Office, 26 Darlot Street or at Horsham College.