Health & PE

The Health, PE and Outdoor Education Learning Area aims to provide a curriculum for Horsham College students to enhance their ability to live healthy and productive lives.

Junior years 7 and 8

The program aims to gives students the skills to be active in a range of different activities and learn important health information to improve all aspects of the health.

PE sports and activities include:

– Athletics, AFL, Hockey, Netball, Cricket, Basketball, Softball, Tennis, Soccer, Badminton, Rugby and Volleyball, Gymnastics, Fitness, Lacrosse, Swimming, Dance and fundamental motor skill development

Health topics covered include:

– Self image, Bullying, Drugs, Sexual education, Physical Health, Mental Health and Social Health

Horsham College also offers a select entry AFL Academy and Basketball Academy programs for our students.

Middle years 9 and 10

With the addition of electives, Peak Performance, as well as the AFL and Basketball Academy programs, the curriculum gives students the opportunity to enhance their skill base and consolidate health knowledge.

PE sport and activities include:

– Athletics, Community sports, Indigenous games, fitness, weight training, dance, lifestyle and leisure activities, racquet sports, ball sports, team sports, individual sports, outdoor environmental activities

Health topics covered include:

– Identity, Gender identity, relationships, sexual health, harm minimisation, risk, Health trends and behaviours, current societal health topics

Senior years 11 and 12

VCE subjects in senior years include Health and Human Development, Physical Education and Outdoor and Environmental studies.