BYOD Program

The Horsham College Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program was introduced in 2016 to enable all students to have their own digital device while giving flexibility of choice. The College is currently working with our local feeder primary schools and our IT support team to review our current program to determine the devices which will best serve students educational needs at the College.  Further information will be provided during the transition program to provide as much time as possible for families to decide what device to purchase.

Please note that any device purchased must comply with the Horsham College Technical Specifications and be used as described in the College’s Acceptable User Agreement, both of which are available from the Horsham College website. Setup of family sharing and downloading of the Company Portal ready for the first day of Term 1 is advisable. If assistance is required, then parents can contact the IT Department of Horsham College.

Further information regarding the BYOD program will be made available on the college website under the Specialised Programs tab as it comes to hand. College staff consistently undergo training sessions to enable the integration of Information Technology (IT) into Teaching & Learning in the classroom.

Families who are unable to meet the BYOD requirement should contact the Year 7 Level Coordinators, Year 7 Leading Teacher and/or  Year 7 and 8 Assistant Principal for support.



Acceptable Use Agreement

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy

BYOD Equity Policy

BYOD 2023 Laptop Flyer


Betta Home Living

Harvey Norman

Learning With Technologies – Year 7-9 & Year 10-12

JB Hi-Fi Education (Code: horc2024)

Total Computer Technology

Apple Mac – Company portal app download

Company Portal created by Microsoft is used by Horsham College to manage student devices allowing for fast reliable deployment and of required software.

Click here to download Company Portal