Year 8


The year 8 Team is a close committed group of teachers who are working hard to provide the best possible learning environment that the school can offer. The year 8 team are constantly looking for excellence and encouraging leadership through various activities both in and out of the classroom.

Friendly teachers known as Form Group Teachers are carefully selected for each learning group. We take a lot of care that students and their families feel welcome and at ease in their new Year 8 environment and students feel they can trust them. We are also progressive in our teaching methods, utilising ICT, which allows students to access a wealth of information in a structured manner, to produce high quality work and to interact with rich material.

We build both learner and personal confidence through specialised support so that students are engaged and ready to learn. For those who need a little more encouragement or support we continue to use the Quick Smart program to improve literacy and numeracy, we have a chaplain and a wellbeing officer for extra emotional support and our Year Level Coordinators, Leading Teacher and everyone in the Year 8 office are always there to help and are on top of their game.

Our students will all study English, Humanities, Maths, Science, and Physical Education. They will also study either Spanish or German, and will have both Technology and Arts electives.

We also assist students to reflect on their progress, to take greater responsibility for their own learning and to set short and medium term goals for the end of the year. We maintain regular contact with families as we believe a student is most successful when teachers and parents/guardians work together as a supportive team.

Our students are encouraged to develop leadership and they can nominate to be SRC leaders or Class Leaders in Year 8. There are also many opportunities to engage in activities such as sport, instrumental music and band, production and debating. There are also a range of lunchtime activities offered throughout the year.

At the end of the year we will farewell confident and happy students to the Year 9 program ready to welcome a new group of excited and nervous students.