SEAL Program


What is SEALP?

Victorian Government secondary schools have been operating specific programs at authorised schools for gifted students since 1980. These have been known as Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) schools. The Academy of Accredited SEAL Schools (TAASS) has been established to maintain this tradition to enable groups of like-minded students to develop academically, socially and emotionally.

Horsham College is the only school in the Wimmera that has a SEAL program. It has been offered at the College since 2002. Horsham College has expanded its program to include two SEALP streams (general and creative).


At Horsham College, our SEAL program aims to enhance the education and support for gifted and talented students. The SEAL program offers a more challenging learning environment with the opportunity to complete more abstract and complex tasks through greater differentiation.

High performing SEALP students in Year 9 are offered the opportunity to complete selected VCE units.

As students transition from SEALP to their senior school, they have greater flexibility in their choice of subjects for the remaining years of their secondary education.

In each subject area studied, students are extended within the existing curriculum in both skills and knowledge.

The SEAL Program aims to provide:

  • a highly challenging, engaging and motivating learning environment
  • A faster-paced curriculum with less repetition
  • The opportunity to work independently and cooperatively with other students of similar abilities and interests
  • A positive and engaging classroom that promotes creative & critical thinking whilst developing social and personal skills.
  • Additional extracurricular activities and opportunities: After school arts/drama/music program, science competitions, the tournament of minds etc.


The SEAL program is for students who are highly motivated and desire to extend themselves to fulfil their academic potential.  They are challenged with a rigorous curriculum that includes extension in every subject area.  Students are encouraged to develop both their independent learning skills and higher order thinking skills. Students also enjoy the opportunity to work with similarly engaged peers, and many students enjoy the social benefits of the program.


Students applying for the SEAL program are tested in the areas of Mathematics, Writing, Reading and Language. Prospective students will need to identify their preference for either the General or Creative and Performing Arts Stream when completing the expression of interest form. Any general enquiries relating to the SEALP application process can be directed to the SEALP Coordinator: