Horsham College has two chaplains, Kate Polack and Greg McKinnon.

The purpose of the chaplaincy program is to help provide care and support for students and their families, also to undertake a range of proactive activities in the school to build student’s confidence, life skills, resilience and sense of purpose in life.

The chaplains are available to provide pastoral care to students.  For example, students might approach one of the chaplains to talk about issues of concern to them such as friendship issues or a bereavement in the family.

The chaplains also undertake a range of other activities such as small group programs aimed to build resilience, mediating peer conflicts, assisting students to develop friendship skills and running activities such as the breakfast club and lunchtime groups to help make the school an inclusive and supportive environment.

The chaplains coordinate the Mates Mentoring program within the College.  This immensely valuable program pairs volunteers from the community as mentors to students helping them develop confidence, gain skills, engage with their schooling and with the community and pursue their goals.

Chaplains can also provide spiritual support for students, to encourage and support them to explore and develop their spiritual wellbeing.  This will always be guided by student’s own worldviews, faith, culture and queries.

Kate works three days a week on the mainstream campus (Tuesday – Thursday).

Greg works one day on the mainstream campus (Friday) and one day in the Alternate Pathway Programs (Thursday).

The Chaplaincy position is provided by ACCESS ministries and is supported by a local Chaplaincy support group.  This group meet once a month on the school grounds and any interested parents and friends of the school are encouraged to join.

The chaplaincy committee aim to extend care and support the school community by providing homemade meals in times of need.

Information regarding consent for the Chaplaincy program.

Consent is required for students to have ongoing, individual support from the chaplain.  Students at Horsham College are permitted to sign consent forms themselves, although they will always be given the option of taking the form home form parents or guardians to sign instead.  If you wish to specifically withhold consent for your child to see the chaplain, or if you would like any more information, please contact Kim Drummond.