The QuickSmart program aims to enhance individual student’s potential with activities to increase fluency in basic mathematical and literacy skills, whilst helping to develop confidence, participation, high self esteem, respect for others, and a sense of personal achievement.

QuickSmart is an innovative program.

It focuses on the role of automaticity, the immediate recall of basic information.

QUICK – in the response time

SMART – in the strategy use when learning the basic skills

Ultimately “THE MAIN GAME ” is to assist students so they can engage more actively in the class environment.

The Horsham College QuickSmart program aims:

  • Meet the individual students needs at their own pace
  • Increase fluency in basic numeracy skills and problem solving
  • Provide students with opportunities to self-monitor and receive immediate feedback
  • Emphasise the usefulness and relevance of number facts in the classroom
  • Acknowledge the sense of achievement and success
  • Develop confidence and self-esteem when they re-engage in the classroom
  • Enhance students abilities to take responsibility for themselves
  • Work in small groups to reduce attention seeking behaviour
  • Assist students to recognize their own strengths and potential

Parent feedback:

  • More enthusiastic due to understanding without being growled at for not understanding
  • My son is much happier  – his self-esteem is higher and he feels proud of himself
  • My daughter is more interested and less frustrated in everyday simple tasks
  • Finds it fun and talks a lot about it
  • He feels more capable, therefore making him more interested and applying more effort
  • More likely to try at using maths on a daily basis. Very proud of her times tables

Student feedback:

  • Showed me different ways to get answers
  • When I go to the shop I can now add money up
  • QuickSmart is a big help – can I do this again?
  • QuickSmart has helped me know how to multiply pieces of timber to cut them to size
  • Helped me to ask questions and for help
  • More confident around teams and in class
  • It made me feel smart and better about myself
  • If I get something wrong, I have learnt in QuickSmart that you just try again
  • When I am going to buy something, I know how much change I’m going to get back

Bev Pyers
QuickSmart Team Leader
Phone: 03 5381 7170