Disability Program

Horsham College provides a range of education supports and initiatives for those students identified with moderate to high needs around specific disabilities: physical, visual impairment, hearing impairment, severe behaviour disorder, intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, and severe language disorder with critical educational needs. Eligibility for this program is ascertained through a rigorous process.  The Program is based on a commitment to delivering an inclusive education system to ensure all students have access to a quality education that meets their diverse needs.

Through the specific objectives of learning, engagement and well being, and pathways and transitions, the College aims to support students in the program to achieve their personal best across the curriculum.

Integration Coordinator Melissa Trudel leads a team of skilled and dedicated support staff who work closely with teachers, students and parents to provide appropriate individual programs.

Student wellbeing is largely dependent upon student engagement in learning and interaction with others and Program staff work to motivate students to participate fully in their education and wider school life.

Student growth in academic, personal and interpersonal learning is maximised through regular SSG meetings with parents, teachers and other stakeholders.  Student needs are closely monitored and reviewed; individual progress is evaluated, goals set, and changes to individual learning programs identified in order to optimise student outcomes.

Students and parents are guided through various pathways so that students reach their fullest potential and successfully transition into the broader community to enjoy a meaningful life. These pathways include work experience and community support agencies, and potentially school based apprenticeships and traineeships.