Student Wellbeing

At Horsham College we believe that students who feel supported are more likely to succeed. The Wellbeing Team work with parents, teaching staff and students themselves to holistically support students towards feeling healthy, safe and happy and ultimately reach their full potential.

Horsham College has four Wellbeing Workers; one each to specifically support Years 7 and 8 (Kara Johnson), Years 9 and 10 (Cass Roberts), Years 11 and 12 (Hamish Roberts) and one for our Alternate Programs (Treena Hogan). These workers are complimented by our Chaplaincy Program with a Chaplain (Yolande Grosser) who is available to support students across the whole school. We also have a Mental Health Practitioner (Justin Amor) who can support a small number of students- they require signed Parental consent to work with students. Referrals are completed by the Assistant Principals from the various Year levels.

Staff can refer concerns to the Wellbeing team or students can approach the Wellbeing staff in person or via direct message to arrange a time to speak with them. Parents or guardians can also contact the Wellbeing team if they have any concerns about their child.

The Wellbeing Team provide our students with a range of services to support their social, emotional and physical health, including:
• One on One consultations to ascertain support services required
• Breakfast Club
• Uniform support
• Delivering classroom based health education
• Workshops & groups
• Community referrals
• Parent Meetings
• Whole school health & wellbeing strategies

Horsham College prioritises the health and wellbeing of students as an integral part of their whole education.