Qkr (Payments)

Horsham College are excited to announce that we are introducing the QkR (pronounced – Quicker) app to make school payments easier.

The QkR app enables mobile payment for school-based accounts.

The QkR app lets parents use their smartphones to make canteen orders, and make excursion payments without having to give their children cash to carry to school. Another huge benefit of the QkR app is that you are able to fill out excursion and Medical Consent Forms on your smart phone, there is no more need for you to have to drop the forms in to the Administration office.

For those without access to a smart phone you can access the web based store via this link https://qkr.mastercard.com/store/#/home
Although the app is a MasterCard initiative, it enables payment from most financial institutions and major credit cards with Safe and Secure MasterCard Technology. QkR is a FREE app.

For those living outside a 4km radius from Horsham College, please go to the search bar and enter Horsham College.
The QkR app is now live. The Office will receive a generated report daily detailing your school payments. Orders will be generated separately for the canteen and filled accordingly. Canteen orders close at 9.00 am on each canteen day.

Should you have any questions regarding the use of the QkR app please contact the Administration Office.
We hope you enjoy this new flexibility in managing your school payments. Below are several resources to help get you started.

QkR for Schools and Canteen Payments

Quick Tips for Parents