Science is an important pathway to nurturing our natural curiosity of the world and developing the skills and knowledge required to develop inventions and find solutions to problems. In order to engage students in science it is important to provide opportunities for independent research and authentic experiences. For this reason, students at Horsham College are encouraged to take part in the CREST program at year 7 and 9, as well as the Big Science Competition. As well, students are offered numerous opportunities to further develop their interest in science including student exchanges with the John Monash Science School and the opportunity to be part of the National Youth Science Forum.

The College celebrates Science at its annual Science Extravaganza in August during Science week each year. This night showcases the variety of areas that rely on science as well as hands on activities and displays of students work.

Year 7 students are exposed to the science laboratory and scientific equipment, and are encouraged to explore their use through separating mixtures. They develop their theoretical knowledge of solids liquids and gases and apply this to the way in which water cycles around the Earth. They conduct a variety of experiments and investigation around forces and energy and explore the amazing biodiversity of the world through classification and ecology.

Year 8 students are encouraged to consider issues surrounding our natural and manmade resources, they are challenged to consider stakeholder perspectives and explore facts before developing an opinion and potential solutions. They explore rock types and mining, forestry, plastics, hunting and other resources. They gain an understanding of waves sound and light and lenses and they develop microscope skills to explore cells and systems. They develop a theoretical knowledge of elements and compounds and can use this knowledge to explore physical and chemical change.

Year 9 students develop a theoretical knowledge of atoms and the periodic table, using this to consider radioactivity and reactions including acids and bases. They examine the responses in humans and plants to various stimuli. They explore the Earth’s natural resources through a study of, ecosystems, natural cycles, and renewable energy sources. Students at year 9 are encouraged to complete an independent investigation as part of the CREST program.

At Year 10, students are able to develop in the specialist areas of science with a choice of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology and Environmental Science as a single semester subject in preparation for VCE. Students are also supported to choose from a number of highly specialised subjects through Emerging Sciences Victoria via the internet.

At Year 11 and 12 students are able to choose Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Psychology or Environmental science at VCE level.