Student Support Services

Horsham College has a raft of specific programs and strategies to engage students in a supportive learning environment.

Alternative campuses of learning have been established to actively engage students outside the mainstream setting. These are known as McKenzie Creek, ConnectEd, the re-engagement program at the LLEN and Satellite VCAL.

Attendance is critical to optimise learning and is monitored by all staff and recorded on the IDAttend program. Communication between home and school underpins student engagement and is strengthened by the collaborative team work in each year level.

Specific support for student wellbeing is engendered through the Wellbeing Team, including the Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator, Youth Worker (2012) and the Chaplain.  A number of students are supported through the community Mates Mentoring program. Referrals to School Support Services form part of the overall focus on individual wellbeing. Koori students and students with English as an Additional Language have support services in place as required. Our program for Students with Disabilities provides intensive support for students who meet specific criteria.

Student Management Teams on both sites ensure Year Team Leaders work together with Learning Advisors and staff in the Student Learning Support team to develop appropriate and consistent protocols to maximise student engagement and wellbeing.

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