The Arts

The Arts

The Arts allows students to explore and develop their own ideas, as well as express those ideas either through Performance or Presentation of Visual Works. At Horsham College, students are able to select from a broad range of both Visual and Performing Art subjects, from Year 7 through to VCE, VET or VCAL.


A core program of the Arts units is offered at Year 7. This includes Visual Arts; Art in both 2D and 3D forms and Visual Communication Design. Within the Performing Arts, students partake in Drama and Music subjects.

YEARS 8, 9 & 10

In Years 8, 9 and 10 the Visual and Performing Arts are elective subjects. This allows students to build on learning, performing and exhibiting opportunities for their creative works.

Visual Arts electives include: Art, Painting and Printmaking, Sculpture, Digital Photography, Visual Communication Design.

Performing Art electives include: Dance, Drama, Theatre Studies, Media Studies, Song Writing, Music Performance, Music Styles and Composition.

In the VCE, students are empowered with skills to fulfil their aspirations in environments beyond school years. Within VCE Units 1 – 4 and VET, Horsham College offers subjects ranging from VCE Art, Studio Arts, Visual Communication Design, Dance, Drama, Theatre Studies, Media Studies, Music Performance, Music Styles and Composition, VET Dance, VET Media and VET Visual Arts.

Additional Learning Opportunities

Horsham College offers instrumental music lessons in woodwind, brass, guitar and drums. The school band tours and performs at schools within Victoria and is open to students studying instrumental music.

Choir provides students the opportunity to develop their abilities to sing in tune, vocal techniques and work together in an ensemble.

SEALP Students in Years 7-9, are offered after school extension programs in Art, Music, Dance and Drama. Gifted students who are not in the SEALP stream may also apply to take part.

The annual Arts Top Performances Showcase is an exciting and celebrated event in which students are invited to perform and artworks are selected to be exhibited to an audience.


Our facilities are state of the art at Horsham College. We have a Performing Art Centre that includes a dance studio and a drama studio. We are also equipped with a senior Art space where students have the ability to explore a wide range of art styles and artistic practices within their own art making. We also have a Mac computer lab, media studies room that also caters to digital photography and green screen. Music has a devoted building with dedicated rehearsal spaces.