Numeracy encompasses the knowledge, skills and confidence required to use mathematics in a wide range of situations both at school and in the world at large. In order to develop numeracy, several strategies have been put into place.

All students will experience a common curriculum, course outlines and common assessment tasks developed according to the Victorian Curriculum. There are also common work requirements for each topic to ensure coursework, homework and quizzes are completed to a satisfactory level.
Essential concepts and skills in mathematics are designed to have multiple entry points to ensure engagement by students of all abilities. Data collection and management is being refined to allow seamless access by teachers in order to deliver level appropriate learning.

All students in mathematics are explicitly taught how to complete a summary journal of their learning which allows them to revise major concepts, highlight difficulties and show examples. This is also where they store their academic vocabulary glossary. VCE students also keep a bound reference which expands upon the summary journal concept, where they can draw on and refine the skills developed in previous years.

Teachers in other faculties are supported to identify aspects of numeracy within their lessons and to teach them explicitly according to the agreed methodology so that learning is consistent and reinforced.