The ability to communicate effectively is the most important skill students learn at school. To ensure that every Horsham College student has the literacy to excel, we are implementing a comprehensive Literacy Plan. In its first year of the Literacy Plan, Horsham College’s NAPLAN writing growth exceeded state average, supporting our outstanding VCE English results.

In every 7-10 subject, students create a minimum of one writing task, allowing them to see the different applications of their writing skills, in addition to gaining more practice. Students receive consistent feedback from all classes on their writing skills and paragraph creation, using the TEEL format. This has been extended to include one full essay or research style writing piece per subject per term. This will be fully implemented in 2021. Students are also explicitly taught the academic vocabulary for their subjects, ensuring they can use the appropriate terms to interpret and respond to questions.

Established in 2017, Horsham College’s ‘Fully Booked’ reading program offers students the chance to engage meaningfully in their independent reading and celebrates the successes of those who excel in this area. In addition, teachers use the High Reliability Literacy Teaching Protocols to explicitly teach reading comprehension.

Students can expect to:
• Complete a minimum of one paragraph of writing in TEEL format per term in every subject
• Complete a minimum of one essay per term in every subject
• Keep a list of academic vocabulary in their book for every subject
• Learn specific skills relevant to reading comprehension in every subject

Parents/guardians can assist by:
• Encouraging their children with the completion of writing tasks in every subject
• Monitoring literacy homework such as spelling and academic vocabulary tasks
• Making the most of opportunities like public speaking, spelling and writing competitions
• Supporting the expectations of the Fullly Booked Reading Program