Satellite VCAL

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Purpose:  SVCAL provides a flexible adult learning option for students who, for a range of reasons, will achieve better outcomes in this type of environment. The program prioritises forming strong relationships with the students and preparing them to enter the workplace.

 Curriculum:  Most of the curriculum is a dedicated VCAL curriculum (Literacy, Numeracy, Personal Development Skills and Work Related Skills). Students are also encouraged to complete a VET subject on Wednesdays, or participate in a Multi-Industry VET program on a Friday.

How it works:  Students work at their own pace through booklets with support from a range of staff. Students are expected to attend at least 16 hours a week during opening hours of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, from 9.00am-4.00pm.

 Referral Process:  If you think your child would benefit from this type of program, please speak to the Leading Teacher of Senior School, Assistant Principal of Alternate Programs or contact the SVCAL Coordinator to discuss your concerns with main campus education.

ContactAlternate Programs – 5381 7100 or Liam Offer – 0429 417 024