SVCAL Outreach


SVCAL Outreach provides education to students who cannot attend school in a classroom capacity.

How it works

In SVCAL Outreach the teacher will make contact with students weekly. Progress and engagement are recorded. Whilst this program provides an education, equally important is to provide the student with connections to the community, especially service agencies. The main aim is to get students to a stage where they can re-engage with either another Alternate Program, the main campus, or full-time employment.


Depending on age, students will either be working towards their VCAL or pre-VCAL. Students aged 15+ will begin to work on strands of their VCAL. Students below the age of 15 will be mainly provided work on Literacy and Numeracy to prepare them to re-engage in a physical program or to complete their VCAL by distance.

Referral Process

If you think you, or your child, would benefit from this program, please contact Adam Ross on the details below. Numbers are limited and this program should be considered as a last resort or a short-term intervention.


Adam Ross
Assistant Principal for Alternate Programs
Mobile: 0437 758 448