Young Parents


Horsham College’s Young Parents program provides a flexible learning option for students who have difficulty committing to full-time education due to pregnancy or parenting duties. The program prioritises supporting young mothers in continuing their education to ensure a positive future for themselves and their children.


Most of the curriculum is a dedicated VCAL curriculum (Literacy, Numeracy, Personal Development Skills and Work Related Skills). The Young Parents program has also partnered with the HRCC to run the SmallTalks Parenting Group that supports young mothers with the challenges of parenting.

How it works

Students have classes for half days on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, where a qualified childcare worker is on staff to also support the mother in caring for their child while undertaking their education. Students undertake a VCAL curriculum.
Referral Process: If you think you or your child would benefit from this type of program, please speak to Emma Hopper, Young Parents Coordinator, or Adam Ross, Alternate Program Assistant Principal, to discuss your needs.


Alternate Programs
Phone: 03 5381 7100